Security (Cyber & Facility)

Browns Hill Engineering and Controls security programs provides
you with a secure and safe operation. Whether protecting your
computer systems or complete facility, we’ll work with you closely
to build the proper security setup.


Cyber Security

• Control Physical Access
– Keys and Locks
– Alarms

• Limit ICS Use to ICS Work
– No E-mail, No Browsing
– No Personal, No IT

Authenticate All Users – Strong Multi-factor
– Who you are – Biometrics
– What you have – Devices Identification
– What you know – One Time, Limited Time Passwords

Monitor, Analyze and Protect
– Anti-virus (AV)
– Logs, Data Backup Systems

• Establish Policies and Procedures
– Security Policy and Change Control
– Training and Logs

• Protect Information Assets
– Data
– Processes and Computer/network information

• Firewalls ICS
– Office Computers and Off Network,Internet and Outside

• Control Cyber-Access to ICS
– Positive Security Model – Everything is bad EXCEPT what is EXPLICITLY determined to be good

ALSO INCLUDES (All of the Above PLUS)

• Cyber Security Evaluation and Audit
• Penetration Testing
• Cyber Design and Engineering
• Hardware and Software for Networks
• Intrusion Detection System (IDS)
• Incident Management – Forensics and Remediation

A Slide from BHEC’s Cyber Security Class.Browns Hill Engineering_Cyber Security Training Slide


 Facility Security

• Video Monitoring and Recording
– Integration of Alarming into SCADA System PLC and Autodialer
– Integration of Video in SCADA System HMI (RSView, Factory Talk, Intellution, Wonderware, and Iconics

• Video Cameras

• Fire and Smoke Sensors

• Door Sensors and Glass Sensors

• Night Vision
– Indoor/Outdoor
– Fixed, Panning, and Zooming

• CCTV (Closed Circuit TV)

• Alarm/Disarm Keypads

• Motion Detectors

 A Security Camera BHEC installed at Green Mountain, CO.Browns Hill Engineering_Security Camera Mounted at Green Mountain, CO


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