vmSCADA® (SCADA from the power of Virtual Machines)

No matter the complexity of your system, the size of you operation, or the occurrence of unforeseen events, never be without your system again.

An exclusive, new, and powerful product from Browns Hill Engineering & Controls.

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• Robust Disaster Recovery
– Complete System Level Recovery (not just data).
– Rapid Recovery Times – rehydrated and operational system machines in minutes.
– On-site, Off-site, and Cloud System Backups – Recovery Points that are minutes to hours old.

• Expert IT without IT Experts
– Leave the IT work and headaches to Browns Hill Engineering & Controls.
– “Soup to Nuts” – designed, built, installed, operated and managed by Browns Hill.
– Leading edge technology and methods

• Secure SCADA — Anytime, Anywhere
– Mobile SCADA without compromise..
– Department of Homeland Security Cyber-security compliant.
– Always-on Redundancy assures always-on availability.



– Provides for All Major SCADA Software Manufactures On-site Systems.
– VM Bases Production Systems.
– Lease or Buy Options with Financing Available.
– Robust Total System Backup and Recovers Very Small to Very Large Systems Available.                      – Mobile Capacity Built-in.


– Cloud Based.
– The look and feel of an On-site Local System.
– Local System Backups.
– On-site Autonomous Operation if the Cloud is lost.                                                                                      – No Capital Investment required.                                                                                                                  – Mobile Capacity Built-in.

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